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    Cotton stick can be used for cleaning skin and body surface, or for medical treatment, like surface hemostasis, cleaning and auxiliary disinfection for wound and mucosal. It is also called swab sticks, q tips or even ear buds.

    Product performance, structure and composition:
    This product is a single or double head cotton swab made of medical degreased cotton, bamboo wood rod or plastic rod, which is sterilized by ethylene oxide, and is used as disposable medical product.

    For medical and health units or family health care, wound cleaning, skin disinfection use.

    Product information:
    Description: Cotton stick
    Material: Absorbent cotton and wood/plastic/paper
    Certification: CE, ISO13485, FDA, GMP
    Sterilization: Non- sterile or ethylene oxide sterilization
    Length: 70-75mm
    Tip dimeter: 5mm
    Expiry Time: 2 years
    Packing: 100pcs/PE bag, 200pcs/box or customized
    Brand: Oyeah or OEM

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