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    Our History
    Found in 1990
    In 1998, established its own testing laboratory
    In 2006, sales exceeded 50 million yuan
    In 2008, changed its name to Hebei Hesheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
    In 2012, obtained AAA credit certificate
    In 2015, obtained the certificate of SME certification
    In 2018, sales exceeded 120 million yuan
    In 2019, new equipment was put into production, the factory area was expanded to 3, and the annual output of FIBC increased to 5 million
    Our Factory
    Hebei Hesheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was established in 1990 and has 30 years of experience in designing and customizing packaging products such as woven bags and bulk bags. The product application fields cover chemical, food and medicine, agriculture, minerals, dangerous goods and other industries. Perseverance and innovation in the field of packaging technology have made us the preferred packaging solution provider for many customers. At present, we have served many top 500 companies and industry leaders at home and abroad, and exported more than 20 countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, and South Korea. Countries and regions.
    We also have an internal testing laboratory to ensure that the quality and value of all batches leaving our factory are consistent.
    We firmly believe in establishing long-term strategic partnerships with our suppliers and customers. Adhering to this philosophy, we have established a network of raw material suppliers to ensure that our customers always get the best and consistent products on time.
    In order to better serve customers and pursue industry leadership, we continue to invest funds and technical personnel in equipment R&D and innovation, and have made breakthroughs in the intelligent automation and process standardization of container bag manufacturing. Now we have obtained more than ten nationally recognized utility models. The patent certificate realizes the self-development and self-use of products in many key production links, such as soft pallets for bulk bags, product appearance of container bags, PP raw material mixing and drying, sling weaving, automatic cutting of base fabrics, and environmental protection of waste materials.
    The world is changing, and we are also changing. We are striving to become an excellent packaging supplier in the FIBC field by using newer technologies and committed to innovation that exceeds customer expectations.

    Our Product
    FIBC bags, ton bags, bulk bags,container bags,big bags,PP woven bags,sling loops,sewing maching, filling machine,cutting machine.
    Product Application
    Our products are involved in various industries of packaging ,transport and stock such as:
    Food Products
    Our Certificate
    ISO9001锛孖SO14001锛孖SO18001, CE , AAA grade corporate credit certificate, Technology SME Certificate, High-tech enterprise identification

    Production Equipment
    Now the company has four sets of large-scale drawing machines, 15 sets of 10 shuttles, 25 sets of large eight shuttles, 80 sets of ribbon looms, 6 sets of cutting machines, 2 sets of printing machines, 4 sets of packaging machines, and over1000 sets of sewing machines.
    Production Market
    At present, we have served many top 500 companies and industry leaders at home and abroad, and exported more than 20 countries including Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan, and South Korea, Africa etc.
    Our Service
    鈼咮efore sales:
    End to end solutions for FIBC’s/ Big Bags/ Jumbo bags.
    Fully Integrated company
    In House test facilities, advanced Testing Laboratory
    Clean room for Food grade bags
    鈼咮ulk bag design ,FIBC Designs we offer:
    鈼廢+2 Panel FIBCs with corner & cross corner loops
    鈼?+1 Panel FIBCs with corner & cross corner loops
    鈼廋ircular FIBCs with corner & cross corner loops
    鈼?+1 Panel Baffle-FIBCs / Q-bag with corner & cross corner loops
    鈼廜ne / Two loop FIBCs
    鈼廢N certified FIBCs for dangerous goods
    鈼廣entilated FIBCs
    鈼廡YPE-B FIBCs (breakdown voltage < 6 kV)
    鈼廡YPE-C Conductive FIBCs
    鈼廎IBCs with conical top / bottom
    鈼廎IBCs with PE liner insertion (Form fit, Tabbing, Glued and Flange)
    鈼廎IBCs with single, double, triple dust proof seams
    鈼哠ales and after sales service:
    80+different types of bulk bags in-stock
    Using 100% virgin grade polypropylene to ensure product integrity and safety.
    On-time transport and shipping
    Industry leading customer service Standard Jumbo Bag price