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    Our History
    In 2003, I learned about marking needles and sales (Shaw) Design and Production (Tao) Buying equipment to learn to make marking needles, introducing marking machine technology from France, becoming the first batch of manufacturers in China to do marking machine accessories.
    In 2006, Started to contact the network to promote Alibaba (Xiao) research and production of marking needles (pottery), the success rate of marking needles reached 70%, the marking needle scrap rate is much lower than other manufacturers.
    In 2009, With a number of fixed cooperative customers (Chinese counterparts), orders have begun to increase, workshops have asked workers, equipment to start production of marking machine equipment, and began to do foreign trade, will be labeled to India, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, India There are companies such as ETCHON.
    In 2015, Established a wholly-owned subsidiary, Chongqing Chuanqiu Intelligent Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., and began to participate in many exhibitions nationwide and around the world. The domestic and foreign trade team was formed, 4 foreign salesmen, 4 domestic sales.
    In 2018, The subsidiary obtained a number of patent certificates and signed large-scale cooperative enterprises such as Shaanxi Automobile Hande, Northwest Heavy Industry, Changan Industry, Haier Shandong Emma Automobile. He has also developed a general agent for marking machines in India, and has held meetings in Pakistan, Thailand, India, the Czech Republic, Morocco and other countries

    Our Factory
    Chongqing Chuke Intelligent Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Chongqing ZiXu machine works,Professional R & D and produce pneumatic marking machine,electric marking machine,metal laser marking machine,co2 laser marking machine,mini laser marking machine,UV laser marking machine and so on.We are automatic laser marking machine manufacturer in southwest China,and Committed to export Multi-language laser marking machine,Robot laser marking machine,Software MES system, ERP system secondary development access,Vision and 3D laser marking applications.We are an smart device export enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.The company undertakes 13 years of production and research experience and 10 years of export experience, combined with domestic and foreign wisdom,Advanced experience and equipment, determined to become a one-stop shop for identification equipment and Professional service provider

    Our Product
    Dot Peen Marking Machine, Fiber Laser Marking Machine, Co2 Laser Marking Machine, UV Laser Marking Machine, Electric Marking Machine, Pneumatic Marking Machine, Laser Welding Machine, Laser Cleaning Machine, Marking Machine Parts.
    Product Application
    Widely used in: military electronics, hardware tools, molds, electronic components, automotive and parts, integrated circuits, non-ferrous metals, steel metallurgy, communications and measurement, packaging, jewelry, craft gifts, medical equipment and other industries.
    Our Certificate
    ISO9001, CE, TUV, SGS

    Production Equipment
    High precision Measuring tool, cnc Drilling machine, aumatic Milling machine, Digitizing lathe
    Production Market
    Products are exported to all countries in the world, such as the india, Spain, France, Germany, the United States, Brazil, South Korea and other more than 30 countries
    Our Service
    1.Service before sales: Free marking solution provide, Free marking technical support, Free sample product marking and working video making.
    2.After sales service: Machine under warranty for one years(human damage are charged), lifelong maintnce. Free tech support, software update.
    3.Training service: Free training for 2-3 people, operation video support, Machine main operation, Software operation and setting, Machine daily maintnce and cleaning, The solution for common failures, Tips for operation machines. China Laser Hallmarking Machine